Included in our buildings

Attic storage

You have your own attic storage space on the top (5th) floor. You must bring your own padlock for your storage space, and must always make sure the attic door is locked when you leave.

Laundry rooms

All laundry rooms operate on the DROP IN principle, which means you can do your laundry when a machine is available. Make sure to read the instructions before washing, and to clean up after you every time you have used the laundry room. Remove any residual washing agent/soft rinse from the drawer, wipe down the machines and clean the floor. Our duty officer will not come out if washers/dryers break down outside office hours. Contact our property service during daytime hours: 08:00–16:00. Lock the door after you.

Study room

You have access to the study rooms in our buildings. Contact the Stubor office to book a room and collect the key. Make sure to clean the room, put the chairs in order and lock the door after use. If you fail to clean the study room, you will be charged the cost of cleaning.