Rules & regulations


You may sublet your apartment for a limited period if you will be spending time studying or working elsewhere. You can also do so if you wish to try moving in with someone. However, you must intend to return to your apartment. An application to sublet, in the form of a subletting contract, must be submitted to the office together with confirmation of admission or proof of employment in good time before the subletting period is scheduled to start. Applications will be processed as and when time permits. Please remember that as our tenant, you are responsible to us even during the period you sublet your apartment.

Inspection on vacation

This inspection must be completed no later than 11:30 on the first weekday of the following month or by arrangement. Inspection must be booked during office hours or by email at least one month prior to vacation. You must have vacated and cleaned your apartment and returned your keys no later than at the time of the inspection. If you fail to clean the apartment properly, you will be charged the cost of cleaning. You will receive information about cleaning on vacation in your mailbox once you have given notice of vacation.

Home insurance

Tenants themselves are responsible for taking out home insurance with an insurance company of their choice.

Rent act

When you live in one of our apartment, the terms of the Swedish Rent Act apply. This means, for example, that as a tenant you must show consideration for your neighbours – by playing music at low volume, for instance, and making sure to keep other noise down. This applies 24/7. Complaints from your neighbours may result in our terminating your rent contract.

Holes in walls

In newly painted apartments, you are permitted to drill up to four holes in the walls at no extra charge. After this, there is a charge of SEK 200 per hole. Contact if you have any questions about this.

Moving in/Collecting keys

You can collect the keys to your apartment from our office, no earlier than the first weekday of the month in the absence of any agreement to the contrary. Our office hours are Mondays 14:00–16:00, Tuesdays 08:00–10:00 and Thursdays 14:00–16:00. However we are on site almost all weekdays in the period 07:30–16:00, so if the office hours are unsuitable, you can book a time with us. Suggest several days and times if you can, and we will make every effort to fit you in. If this does not work for you either, there is a third option: we have an agreement with the Statoil station located right next to the Campus in Växjö, (Statoil Teleborg), which is open 24/7. In exceptional cases, we can leave the keys there for you to collect on presentation of appropriate identification. If you would like to collect your keys outside office hours, please contact us at least three weekdays in advance so we can schedule a time. State your name and apartment number.

Termination of the lease

To terminate your lease, email us at . Together with your termination notice, we need your name, social security number and building:apartment number (e.g. 20:1045). The period of notice of termination is three months as from and including the following month.

The Swedish Personal Data Act (Personuppgiftslagen – PUL)

Information about the processing of personal data in connection with residence applications (PUL). The personal data you submit in your application or notification of interest will be processed to the extent necessary to assess whether you can be approved as a tenant. Information may be collected from your credit reference agency and from public authorities. Such information will only be processed by the residence company. You are entitled, free of charge, to receive notification once a year about which of your personal data are being processed, and how. You are also entitled to require correction of the personal data that are being processed. The personal data about you will only be processed during the time your application is being handled. This means that all personal data will be deleted once you have informed us that you no longer wish to be considered an applicant for a residence. This also applies if your application for a residence is rejected. If the reason why your application was rejected is that you could not be approved on account of negligence in a previous residence, the information will, however, be kept for three months after the decision to reject. Information to tenants about the processing of personal data. The personal information you submit to the landlord in connection with signing a tenancy agreement, will be processed to the extent necessary to ensure fulfilment of the agreement. Thus may apply to rent notifications, rent negotiations, information to tenants and other aspects associated with the ongoing administration. Personal data collected during the tenancy relationship may also be processed, as may information about failure to make payments and disruptions in the residence. Your personal data may also be passed on to organisations or associations of which the landlord is a member, and to other companies and organisations with which the landlord works in the context of property administration – tenant organisation, for example. You are entitled, free of charge, to receive notification once a year about which of your personal data are being processed, and how. You are also entitled to require correction of the personal data that are being processed.

Refuse room/Recycling room

Please take care to deposit your refuse in the correct receptacles. Here in Växjö, we sort residual waste and food waste separately in two separate containers. Residual waste is placed in the green refuse container, and food waste in the grey container. You can pick up new paper bags from the refuse room. Close the door after you. ALWAYS BIND THE TOPS OF PLASTIC BAGS. Special waste such as furniture, large metal items, electronic equipment, fluorescent lights, boxes and outsize objects must be deposited at the Municipality of Växjö recycling centres. Tenants are responsible for transporting items to such centres. There are two staffed recycling centres in the local authority: one at Norremark and one in Häringetorp. For additional information, visit the Municipality of Växjö website. Please remember that littering is currently punishable under Swedish law. Leaving unsorted waste in the refuse room is considered littering. Littering also includes leaving items in stairwells, corridors, attic spaces, outdoor areas, etc. Please do not dispose of charcoal or disposable barbecues in the refuse room on account of the risk of fire. Leave them outside.