What does ‘10-month rent’ mean?

It means that special rent conditions apply in the summer. For June and August, tenants only have to pay half-rent. The month of July is completely rent-free.  

Is there a separate kitchen in your apartments?

Stubor apartments come with a separate kitchen area including a cooking range, oven, refrigerator and freezer.  

Where can I dispose of my old bed and large cardboard boxes?

Special waste such as furniture, large metal items, electronic equipment and outsize objects must be deposited at the Municipality of Växjö recycling centres. Tenants are responsible for transporting items to such centres. There are two staffed recycling centres in the local authority: one at Norremark and one in Häringetorp. For additional information, visit the Municipality of Växjö website: www.vaxjo.se Remeber: littering is currently punishable under Swedish law. Leaving unsorted waste in the refuse room is considered littering. Littering also includes leaving items in stairwells, corridors, attic spaces, outdoor areas, etc.  

There is no power in my apartment. What should I do?

The power for lights, fridges/freezers, etc. may occasionally cut out. If you live in building 20–26: go into the stairwell, where you will find the electricity panel opposite the lift. If you live in building 30–32, the electricity panel is in the stairwell on your floor. Your apartment key fits the electricity panel. In all cases, check the CORRECT fuse numbers – i.e. the ones that are your fuses (there are 3); see the chart on the inside of the electricity panel door. If they are down, push them up. Also check the earth circuit breaker (jfb) for your apartment, and the ones located in the first row: these are the main fuses. They should all be up. If you live in building 28, you have a separate fuse box in your apartment.  

What’s the procedure if I want to use the sauna?

Come to the office at Stallvägen 32 and book the day and time you wish to use it. You can book the sauna all days between 19:00 and 22:00. Then collect the key from the office the day before you plan to use it. Switch on the sauna unit approx. 1.5 hours before you want to use it. When you have finished, make sure to leave the sauna clean, neat and tidy for the next tenant. Leave the key in the mailbox outside the office.  

Why am I not allowed to have a door mat in the corridor outside my apartment door?

It is not permitted to place items in the corridors on account of smells and the risk of fire. This applies to everything: door mats, shoes, bags of refuse, bicycles, etc. Staff checks the corridors every morning.

I want to terminate the contract on my apartment. What do I have to do?

Email your notice of termination to info@stubor.se or provide notification online via ‘My pages’. You must always give three full calendar months’ notice of termination. For example, if you provide notice of termination in January, your period of notice will be the months of February, March and April. The next tenant’s rent contract will apply as from 1 May.  

I’m having problems with my internet connection. What should I do?

Contact our internet provider NetAtOnce at www.netatonce.se and they will help you.  

Whom should I contact to file a complaint about my neighbours, who keep on playing loud music?

Send an mail to info@stubor.se stating the number of the apartment in question, the date(s) and time(s) of the disturbance, and what kind of disturbance you experienced. We will then initially contact the tenant in question to explain that this is disturbing the neighbours and that the Swedish Rent Act states that it is not permitted to engage in behaviour that disturbs the neighbours. If the behaviour continues, it will lead to official warnings and may even result in the termination of the tenant’s rent contract.

Don't forget to book the inspection time one month before moving out. You must attend the inspection yourself.  The inspection should be carried out when you have cleaned the house and are ready to hand over the keys to us.

The entire apartment should be tidy when you leave it. So that you do not forget any space, we have made a checklist for moving cleaning here.

Where and when can I collect the keys to my new apartment?

You can pick up your keys to your new apartment at our office earliest on the first working day of the month if there is no other agreement. Our office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 13-15. If its not possible to pick up your keys during office hours please contact us at least three working days before and we can book a time for key pick up. Please let us know tou namee and aparmtent number. We can also make an agreement for you to pcik at the keys at Circle K at Teleborg. Dont forget to bring you ID to be able to retrieveyour keys.


Can I make suggestions about what you should sell from the vending machine in building 20?

You are more than welcome to do so! Send an email with your requests/suggestions to uthyrning@stubor.se

Do I have to clean the laundry room after I’ve used it?

Yes, tenants are responsible for cleaning up after themselves whenever they have done their laundry. Remove any residual washing agent/soft rinse from the drawer, wipe down the machines and clean the floor.