Residence info


If you become aware of pests in the apartment, contact Anticimex immediately on 0470-32 95 50. This service is free for our tenants.


Inappropriately parked bicycles will be removed. We regularly collect abandoned bicycles in the area. We inform all tenants when the time for the next collection is approaching, so they can make sure to label all cycles that are in use correctly. We keep the cycles we collect for a while before handing them over to the police cycle storage facility.

Entrances, halls and lifts

These areas are cleaned once a week by our cleaners. It is not permitted to hang up posters or other information anywhere but on the official notice boards.

Electricity panels/fuses

The power for lights, fridges/freezers, etc. may occasionally cut out. If you live in building 20–26: go into the stairwell, where you will find the electricity panel opposite the lift. If you live in building 30–32, the electricity panel is in the stairwell on your floor. Your apartment key fits the electricity panel. In all cases, check the CORRECT fuse numbers – i.e. the ones that are your fuses (there are 3); see the chart on the inside of the electricity panel door. If they are down, push them up. Also check the earth circuit breaker (jfb) for your apartment, and the ones located in the first row: these are the main fuses. They should all be up. If you live in building 28, you have a separate fuse box in your apartment.

Cleaning on vacation

If you do not want to clean your apartment yourself when vacating it, you can book thorough cleaning from any cleaning company. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure that on final inspection the apartment is in a condition whereby it can be approved.


There are lifts in all our buildings. Please do not prop the lift doors open, as this will result in the lift pressure falling and the lifts will stop working.

Internet and IP telephony

The company that supplies both internet and telephony services in our buildings is called ‘Net at Once’. If you need to contact them, you can call their hotline on 0771-40 44 00 or visit

Leashes for pets

Both dogs and cats must be kept on a leash in our buildings and on our grounds.


It is not permitted to place items in the corridors on account of smells and the risk of fire. This applies to everything: door mats, shoes, bags of refuse, bicycles, etc. Staff checks the corridors every morning.

Lock service

Forgotten your key and locked out of your apartment? In acute cases, call 076-865 83 90 during office hours. Otherwise, call the duty officer on 073-154 10 97. You will always be required to present identification. The cost for opening doors is currently SEK 300–400 per incidence. The cost of replacing locks in apartments is currently SEK 2,000 per incidence.


It is not permitted to perforate the wet room wall covering in the bathroom. Nor is it permitted to paint the walls or pipes.

Parking vehicles

There is free parking in the spaces provided behind buildings 24 and 26, and behind buildings 30 and 32. Vehicles parked on the access/through roads and in the courtyard at building 30/32 will receive parking fines at the applicable rates.


Stubor buildings are completely non-smoking. This means that smoking is prohibited in all rooms and areas used jointly by the tenants. Smoking on balconies and immediately outside entrances is only permitted as long as it does not disturb the neighbours.

Blinds in windows

We can fit blinds for our tenants. Contact us at for additional information.