Our apartments

We have 1-room apartments (22 square meters) featuring a shower, toilet and kitchen area with a cooking range, cooker hood, fridge and freezer.

Our 2.5-room models (37 square meters) have all the above plus a larger living room and two bedrooms.

Standard in all our apartments

Fridge & freezer, cooking range with four hot plates + oven + cooker hood. Toilet and shower, attic storage and TV channels. The floor plan of the 1-room apartment represents the apartments at Stallvägen 30 and 32. There is no wall section between the windows of the 1-room apartments at Stallvägen 20–26, they are positioned next to one another. Otherwise, the floor plan is more-or-less the same for all apartments. Our standard apartments are supplied unfurnished, however we are now able to offer furnished apartments as well. The rent includes household electricity, water and heating and internet.


10-months rent

1-room apartment with kitchen section and toilet/shower 22.0 sqm. Rent: SEK 4536:-/month.

One furnished apartment with kitchen section and toilet/shower 22.0 sqm. Rent: 5431:-/month. 
2.5-room apartment with kitchen section and toilet/shower 37.0 sqm. Rent: SEK 6599:-/month.


Other information

In each building there are separate, furnished study rooms that are available for booking. Residents also have access to two laundry rooms per building, open 24/7. The laundry rooms operate on a ‘drop in’ basis, i.e. you can do your laundry when a machine is available. The area also features a sauna and local gym for our tenants.

Parking and charging stations for electric cars

As a tenant at Stubor, you have the opportunity to rent parking for your car. The cost of car parking on Stallvägen is SEK 355/month. There is a separate queue for parking and you need to contact us to register your interest. The permits are digital and you with parking need to register your vehicle in your account on AimoPark's website via the link sent to your email. We also have parking spaces for motorbikes.

In the parking lot behind Stallvägen 32 there are places with charging stations. These can be used by anyone with an electric or hybrid car and their use is paid for via the app or website.

At Stallvägen 28 there are 6 guest parking spaces that can be used by visitors or for those of you who have not yet gained access to your parking space. In order to park in the guest parking lot, registration of the vehicle and payment must be done via AimoPark's mobile park app.


Our Apartments