Termination and moving out

When you want to end the contract and move out.

Notice period at Stubor is 3 full calendar months. For example, if you cancel your apartment in January then February, March and April are counted as 3 months of notice. May 1st, it's time for a new tenant to move in.

For cancellation of your rental contract you need to send an e-mail to uthyrning@stubor.se Stubor will send you a cancellation confirmation with information about inspection, cleaning and handing over keys.


Inspection of apartment

Before moving out you need to book an inspection of the apartment. You should attend an inspection. If, for various reasons, you are unable to attend, you must provide a power of attorney when booking. We then need the name and phone number of that person. The inspection should be carried out when you have cleaned the apartment and are ready to hand over the keys to us. Before the inspection it is good to follow the Stubor checklist for cleaning. These points are discussed together with the inspector. In case of unapproved inspection, you get a new time for re-inspection and SEK 400 is charged to the tenant. If the cleaning is not approved and keys need to be handed over to the next tenant, Stubor hires a cleaning company and the hourly rate is invoiced to the tenant. 

Cleaning checklist (pdf)

Littering on Stubor area

If you need to throw away larger furnitures, we refer you to the nearest recycling center. It is not allowed to place furnitures in the attic or in the buildings. Stubor checks the area everyday and If you trash the area, you will be fined.

Cleaning company

If you choose to hire a cleaning company to clean your apartment, you will have to agree on key handover together with the cleaning company. Be sure to always book a time for inspection, even if you hire a cleaning company.

Return keys

You return all the keys to the inspector. If you have lost any keys, Stubor have to  change the lock and SEK 2000 will be charged to the tenant.

Do you have any more questions about your inspection? Email service@stubor.se



Common questions

  • Where and when do I get the keys to my new apartment?

    When you move into Stubor you pick up your keys at Cirkel K Teleborg. The address for Circle K is Södra Vallviksvägen 2, 352 51 Växjö.

    Keys can be retrieved on the date the housing agreement starts. If the access date falls on a weekend or red day, you can retrieve your keys on the first weekday after. Tex: Contract February 1st is a Sunday so you can first pick up your keys on Monday February 2nd. Don't forget to bring a valid ID to retrieve your keys.

  • How do I pay the rent for my apartment?


    Rental invoices comes to your email every month and can also be found in "My pages"

  • I can't log in to "My Pages"

    Email uthyrning@stubor.se and you will get help.

  • What do I need to know about home insurance?

    Home insurance is a good protection for those who live in rental housing. By doing so, you avoid financial losses in the event of a fire, burglary or water damage. If you have no home insurance, we recommend that you take out one. If you already have a valid home insurance policy, we recommend that you insure that the insurance amount is large enough.


Slottsstaden 6

1 room & kitchen: 471
2 rooms & kitchen: 8

Slottsstaden 3

1 room & kitchen: 224
2 rooms & kitchen: 12

Center: 2 km



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